Wandering in Paris

Paris is not just capital of the France but also the capital of fashion world. The city of light Paris is home of the fashion. The name Paris comes from it’s Gaulish tribe known as the Parisii. This large city of France is situated on the river Seine. Being a most beautiful and romantic city , this city has all kind of tourist attraction ranging from most popular Eiffel Tower to heritage bridge Pont Neuf . The Museums, Fountains,Churches, Theaters and Operas are the Land Marks that you will find in this city

In a year millions of tourists comes to visit these famous tourist destinations. If you are new to this city than no need to worry because various tourist information centers and hotels provides the necessary information like Guides, metro map which have all the details about city, Land Marks, Things to do, Hotel & Restaurants etc.

If you are a party animal than Paris would be the best place as it is famous for it’s night life. City offers bars, clubs, and music theaters of your choice. Most of the young chefs has opened their own bars and restaurant. You can also enjoy the excellent food of Paris while having your drinks in bars. These innovative bars and restaurant attracts the international crowd from all over the world.

Staying in Paris is not expensive if you manage to get cheap deals from hotels or rental apartment of Paris. You can save big if you will book few weeks ago before your arrival .You can do bargaining while reserving your room. With all the money you save, you can afford to spend more on shopping and eating out!

Public Transportation system of Paris will make your travel cheaper and help to getting around Paris easily and quickly. You can start either by bus or by metro as per your convenience but if you love to boating than one can also choose boats and Cruises flowing over the river Siene. Cruising at night will make you delighted after seeing this City of light .

If you want to visit the real Paris than you must stay for a week to explore it’s culture,food, fashion, nightlife and it’s remarkable landmarks.


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