Enjoy Beautiful Island Vacation of Tenerife Spain

Tenerife, what does this strange name means? Does not mean anything other than the largest island of the Canary Islands, which can be called island long lasting spring, but we can say that the world is quiet contrasts. In the Northern Atlantic Ocean waves hitting the rocks are huge, in southern, sandy beaches welcome tourists, particularly because the island is of volcanic origin. For that to be a bigger contrast in the center of the island is the highest mountain in Spain, Pico de Teide, while several thousand meters below the hotel pool, we can enjoy a refreshing cocktail. It’s unbelievable, is not it? Enjoy the sun on Playa de Las Americas, participate in a last minute vacation to it’s volcanic region, which will bring you to the foothills of Teide, or visit Lago Martianez, the famous beach of Puerto de la Cruz, surrounded by palm trees and swimming pools with sea water.

City Break Holidays are easy to book. If you are an active tourist, and time is the most valuable for you, here you can book a holiday anywhere in the world if you choose the destination, hotel and transportation. It’s a “do it yourself holiday” but we can help with advice and different services verification methods, to not compromising the quality and the holiday you choose. Any booking in to this web system comes to us and we confirmed or not depending on optional payment period or prices. Does last minute travel mean taking care of a plane that sets off with too many empty seats? Or does travel mean taking care of the customer, receiving the best holiday possible? Since the birth of travel industry on July 5, 1841 – first “trip” in the world – organized by Thomas Cook in Derbyshire, England, tourism has meant something more than just “collecting money from people”. Leaving the yard is just the first step in a journey that can enrich your life.


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