Trekking in Nepal

If you are planning a holiday to Nepal, don’ t forget to include trekking in your itinerary for it is one of the most worthwhile adventures you can ever experience while holidaying in Nepal. Nepal is one of the most sought after destination for trekkers, hikers and mountain climbers. The highest mountain peak in the world, Everest too, lies in Nepal.

Whether you are an amateur climber or a professional trekker, anyone can enjoy trekking in Nepal. One should not miss out on this challenge. But one needs to have a passion and enthusiasm for trekking. Apart from that you need to be in good health and shape for trekking. After all trekking should not turn out to be a punishment for you but a pleasure while you soak in the beautiful nature and picturesque sights in Nepal.

It is wrong to look at trekking as something very exhaustive. Of course some trekking tours are challenging and strenuous, but there are easy and shorter treks that are equally enjoyable and not strenuous at all. So, one can enroll for a trek as per his liking and needs. For those who want to challenge themselves can find plenty of grilling excursions in Nepal along the complicated mountains and for the others there are several short walks or forest trails. So just don’t spend all your time on gambling online casino while in Nepal.

Whatever trek you take in Nepal, while traveling in nepal you take along with yourself travel guides. you are simply going to love the experience. Surrounded by stunning scenery and exotic nature, you may pass through famous wildlife sanctuaries as well as experience the cultural affluence of the country. Generally speaking, you will find few trails with trekking excursions and those are the two base camps of Mount Everest, Anapurna Conservation Area, Manaslu, Langtang region trek, Dolpo region, Kanchanjungha region and some more. The base camps on the either side of Everest offer shelter and rest for the mountain climbers out there to conquer Everest. But only very few are successful in their mission. Annapurna I is the 10th highest summit in the Himalayas and is also very popular among the trekkers.


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