London – The European capital of the cultural events

London is one of the most charming European cities, not only for its long history and its artistic and architectural attractions, but also for the great number of events you can attend here every day.
London has surely an incredibile number of tourist attractions, so that it is quite impossible to draw an exhaustive list of them; however, even if you know well it’s most famous places and buildings, the British capital is always able to surprise you thanks to its liveliness.

Every year in London there takes place several characteristic events such as the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the outdoors contemporary art exhibition organized between June and July by the Royal Academy in the centre of London, or the Notting Hill Carnival, a very colourful event that takes place on the last week end of August and lasts for 2 days.
Another particular important event in London is the Trafalgar Parade and Service in October, which is a march on Trafalgar Square in memory of Admiral Nelson’s victory in 1805 against the Franco-Spanish troops.
Even New Year’s Day has a particolar meaning in London, where they organize the largest parade in Europe in order to celebrate the new year.

London is able to impress tourists for the great events that take place here, like the Olympic Games of 2012; however, in this city you can discover every day a cultural event to attend.
For instance, London boasts a large number of theatres, many of which are in the boroughs of Covent Garden and the South Bank, on the south side of the Thames, where there is, among others, the “old Vic”, where they perform many new talents. If you like musicals, London is the right city for you: here you can in fact attend the most famous shows of the moment, like Les Misérables the longest runing show in the world, adapted from the novel by Victor Hugo, which now also a movie.

If you like classical music, here you can find some of the most famous symphony orchestras in the world.
To attend a music event in London you have not necessarily to spend alot of money: you can in fact listen to many many concerts for free in the city parks or in Covent Garden Square.
In general, London is the ideal city for people who like to listen to live music, both classical and rock; here in fact there are a lot of places dedicated to this like the O2 Arena and the newly re-built Wembley Stadium.

If you would like to save money, you can find tickets for concerts and musicals at low prices; if you go to the Tkts kiosks on the same day of the show that you want to attend, you could buy a ticket at lower prices, maybe even at half the price.
In London is very difficult to get bored, even if you don’t have a high budget; this city is really worth a visit, for a short break or a longer trip. To visit it you can take advantage from its wide range of accommodation like the Royal National Hotel, that allows you to reserve the best solution in terms of price and place.


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