The UKs Best Adventure Locations.

Adventure comes in many forms, for some it’s the thrill of the personal challenge and taking on the great outdoors, others will settle for the excitement of exploring a new city, while many enjoy the nose bleed thrill of the funfair. No matter how you get your kicks, the UK is simply brimming with places you can have truly enthralling adventures.


If your idea of adventure is facing a personal challenge then the UK is full of things to attempt. Walking and cycling around the countryside have always been a popular pursuit. However, if you really want to put yourself to the test then taking on the C2C – coast to coast trip between Lands’ End and John O’Groats – is one thousands attempt each year. From the gentle landscape of Cornwall, the peaks of the Pennines and the breath taking hills of the Highlands, travellers face a great challenge set against some of the country’s most outstanding scenery.


Water fun

Splashing about on the canal is something many people do each a weekend but for a real test why not try canoeing the length of the River Severn? It is Britain’s longest river and much of its length is still brimming with natural splendour. There are a few large towns along it so there is very little to disturb your progress.

Beyond Gloucester the Severn becomes a tidal river and is best only paddled by experienced canoeists. If you really like your challenges big then you can always try canoeing the Severn Bore, a naturally occurring tidal wave that reaches 2 metres as waters surge up its length.

On the Ocean Waves

There is nothing quite like being out on the open seas. Head on down south for an adventure experience stay in Brighton and enjoy the ocean aboard a fast paced RIB or for those that like adventure with out the fear you could give sailing a go. Choosing to stay in Brighton will give you the chance to explore everything this vibrant cultural hotspot has to offer from the Lanes shopping centre to the pier and the Brighton Pavilion.

Divers can explore the underwater treasures that fill the English Channel or if you like the idea of flying free as a bird then there is the local paragliding club. You could always just sit on Brighton’s beautiful pebbly beach and enjoy a little taste of a very British tradition, fish and chips.

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Reach New Heights

The Scottish highlands are one of the last great wilderness’s of the British Isles filled with great glens, mysterious lochs and most incredible of all great mountains. If hill walking is something that inspires you then trying to bag yourself a Munro or two is one of the most popular outdoor pursuits in the UK. Munro’s are any mountain in Scotland over 3000 feet there are 282 in total – which should keep you going for a while.

Ben Nevis is the tallest mountain in the UK at 4,409ft, an estimated 100,000 people take it on every year. At the foot of Ben Nevis you will find the town of Fort William the self-proclaimed Outdoor Capital of Scotland and the ideal base for any adventurer’s holiday. You could also go mini-cooper adventure in the heart of London


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