Barcelona Architecture –7 Must See Structures

Barcelona is famous for its architecture, especially that of Antoni Gaudi, but there are a lot of other buildings which should be part of your itinerary. Here are some of the Spanish city’s most famous and beautiful buildings.

Casa Batllo

This house was at first considered unsightly, but it is seen in a much different light today. This treasure includes all the main modernistic elements: its roof and facade are covered in brightly coloured ceramic mosaic tiles, and its balconies are studded with wrought iron twisted into strange shapes. There’s barely a straight angle anywhere in the home, and Gaudi liberally used unorthodox colors, materials and shapes to make it one of Barcelona’s trademarks.

The Casa Mila

From the Catalan for “stone quarry”, this apartment block was Gaudi’s final piece of civil architecture. It was finished in 1910, and its chimney- and wrought iron-topped roof is emblematic of the architect’s style. Besides the roof, there are many other features of La Pedrera which stand out: the iron structures supporting the patio, the balconies’ wrought iron, and the design of various fixtures are all noteworthy. La Pedrera was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1984, and today it contains a museum dedicated to the works of Gaudi.

La SagradaFamilia

Gaudi took all the money he made from the Casa Batllo and poured it into his greatest unfinished work. The SagradaFamilia is one of the most popular tourist spots in Barcelona; it has been under construction since way back in 1882, and today it is only about 2/3 complete. The construction is financed entirely by donations, and it’s not due to be finished for another decade or more.

Passeig de Gracia

This street is packed with beautifully-designed buildings, but the modernistic flair isn’t limited to them; it can also be seen in decorations such as park benches and street lamps. The Passeig de Gracia’s modern style makes it popular with tourists and locals alike.

Casa Lleo-Morera

Designed in 1902 by LluisDomenechiMontaner, this building derives its name from the decorative touches used by the architect. The house came under attack on more than one occasion during the Spanish Civil War, and unfortunately some of its sculptural pieces were lost. The pieces remaining were bought by Salvador Dali and placed in his museum at Figueres, and the building underwent a complete restoration in 1992.

Casa Amatller

Next to Casa Batllo and designed by JosepPuigiCadafalch, this building is privately owned except for the bottom floor, which is home of one of Catalonia’s oldest jewelry houses.

Mies van der Rohe’s Pavilion

German architect Mies van der Rohe was tasked with building the country’s national pavilion for the 1929 International Fair, and since it was built, it has become a symbol of modernist architecture. Constructed of steel, glass and marble, its originality doesn’t come just from its materials, but its geometry and design.

These are just some of the architectural wonders that can be found in the city of Barcelona. If you’re planning a trip there, these buildings and more should be on your short list of places to see.

This guest post is provided by travel blogger Alison Parcell on behalf of Automatic Access the revolving doors specialists.


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