Orinoco Delta in Venezuela

The Orinoco River is made up of around one hundred tributaries and distributaries that flow through the jungles of Venezuela and Colombia before terminating in the Orinoco Delta. This vast water basin covers 15,500 square miles of wetlands and swamp forests in eastern Venezuela, and drains into the Atlantic Ocean. The Orinoco Delta makes up one of the nine geographical regions of Venezuela, and contains an astonishing amount of biodiversity. Continue reading


Best apps and websites for the discerning traveller

Even if you’re a seasoned traveller, there are lots of fantastic travel apps and websites which can save you money, simplify the logistics of your trip and help you tease out the best of the country you’re exploring. Here are the ones you’ll want to check out before setting off… Continue reading

Explore Lake Garda Italy with Five top things to see, do and eat

Upon our last visit to Lake Garda in Italy, we decided to stop by two towns; Bardolino and Sirmione. As it was a fairly short break we decided to split our time between the two resorts, to explore more of Lake Garda and get some sightseeing in as well as wining and dining. So over the course of four days we have narrowed down five of the best activities to do to add a little something to your holiday; perfect for those looking for a short break to Italy. Based on a recommendation of a friend we booked our Lake Garda holiday with Thomson Lakes & Mountains. Continue reading

5 Things to do in Taipei, with the Less Money You Have

Gorgeously located on the moist platform of Tamsui River and leading to the splendid shores of the Pacific Ocean, Taipei is just a few kilometers from the turquoise beaches. The capital city of Taiwan has more than you expect, that too without spending a huge space from your bank. Taipei is a stunning capital with many world-loved buildings and other man-made attractions, where most of it can be visited without spending too much from your pocket. Continue reading