5 Things to do in Taipei, with the Less Money You Have

Gorgeously located on the moist platform of Tamsui River and leading to the splendid shores of the Pacific Ocean, Taipei is just a few kilometers from the turquoise beaches. The capital city of Taiwan has more than you expect, that too without spending a huge space from your bank. Taipei is a stunning capital with many world-loved buildings and other man-made attractions, where most of it can be visited without spending too much from your pocket.


The spots included will hike your enjoyment level to the peak, but the money you spend from your wallet is very less.

 1. First comes the Taipei 101 which is the world’s second tallest building. There are many stores and shops in this tower, where you can just enter with no entrance fee paid and can easily while away a couple of hours. The air-conditioned tower gives you so much to see with not even a penny spent.

2. National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall is one of the famed monuments of the city, where you can take nice photographs with your friends and family. This has a library and a museum within, anyone can enter this building to check out the museum collections. This may also be popularly known as the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.


 3. Beitou Geothermal Valley is one among this list where you can enjoy your holiday with only a less bugs expending. The bubbling nature pools give a refreshing bathe to everyone that comes here. It rejuvenates your body muscles and recharges your batteries.

 Along with these you can also go to the 4. temples around, where the entry fee is nil. Why not try walking around the 5. night markets, which collects no dollars for entering.

 These are the high five spots where one can go without burning your wallets. Also make your stay within your budget by accommodating in a hotel like the Riviera Taipei.


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