Explore Lake Garda Italy with Five top things to see, do and eat

Upon our last visit to Lake Garda in Italy, we decided to stop by two towns; Bardolino and Sirmione. As it was a fairly short break we decided to split our time between the two resorts, to explore more of Lake Garda and get some sightseeing in as well as wining and dining. So over the course of four days we have narrowed down five of the best activities to do to add a little something to your holiday; perfect for those looking for a short break to Italy. Based on a recommendation of a friend we booked our Lake Garda holiday with Thomson Lakes & Mountains.

      Oil Tasting in BardolinoBardolino Lake Garda Italy 

This may be something new to some of you, but this was a great experience. We booked though our rep and were driven to the olive groves in Bardolino where we were welcomed with a short lesson in the different types of Olive trees and how oil used to be made. We were then taken to taste the oil. You are taught how to taste oil correctly and how to distinguish flavours. Once we all tried this, we were offered various appetisers all made from the local Olive oil. There was also a small shop on site where you could buy various foods and body treatments made from the olives.

Wine Tasting in Bardolino

This was something we organised for the evening, and it was a wonderful treat. After being given a tour around the vineyards and a wealth of knowledge about the history behind them, we were welcomed inside to start the wine tasting. Whilst being offered various champagnes, white, rose and red wines, we had a selection of food which would best compliment the wine. The setting, and indulging in a superb selection of wines and food, was all in all a wonderful evening.

Sirmione Castle       Sirmione Lake Garda Italy

As a lover of castles and history, this went hand in hand and created the perfect afternoon. Exploring the castle and taking plenty of photos, I headed up to the top towers where the view was breathtaking. When looking over the ledge the view of the town below and lake surrounding the land was something you just couldn’t imagine it being as beautiful as it was.

 Gelato in Sirmione

When visiting Italy, quite simply it would be rude not to try their wines, oils, Parma ham and of course, GELATO. This was available in the masses; with so many flavours to choose from we were spoilt for choice. We heard the Gelato in Sirmione was the best and after trying recipes elsewhere we would have to agree.

 Drinks by the lake

view of the sun setting over Bardolino Lake Garda ItalyThis applies to all resorts around the lake. Lake Garda is a beautiful setting and no matter where you are seated along the shore lines, you will not be disappointed with the views. Sitting with a cocktail in one hand and camera in the other, make for an evening of capturing some of the best photos you may well take this year.  And of course, as with all holidays – enjoy with a loved one.


About the Author

Amy McGinty is an avid travel writer who has recently been exploring Europe. You can see more photos from her as well as videos on her website luxuryholidaylocations.com


One thought on “Explore Lake Garda Italy with Five top things to see, do and eat

  1. Great post! I’m happy you explained the tasting oil part:) I have never heard of it but it sounded like you had a wonderful. The next time I’m in Lake Garda, I’ll have to try it out.

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