Ready for Your Easter Holiday? It’s Time to Contact Your Hong Kong Travel Agent

Have you made your plans for your Easter holiday yet? If not, don’t worry. It’s not too late to plan a fun getaway! All you need to do is contact your travel agents in Hong Kong so that you can start planning your dream trip. Continue reading


Discover the Philippines in a very unique way – Philippines City Guide

Philippines City Guide

Take a stroll down the Mindanao’s Japanese Tunnel or walk down with your lover at the Anawangin Cove, one of the beautiful beaches in Luzon, Philippines is thriving destination to visit. Better known as the sovereign state in Southeast Asia, this destination attracts vacationers and leisure hunters from all over the world. This majestic destination is also known for scenic beaches, alluring coastline, Spanish colonial heritage, rich architectural buildings and a plethora of travel worthy attractions. Continue reading

Trekking in Nepal

If you are planning a holiday to Nepal, don’ t forget to include trekking in your itinerary for it is one of the most worthwhile adventures you can ever experience while holidaying in Nepal. Nepal is one of the most sought after destination for trekkers, hikers and mountain climbers. The highest mountain peak in the world, Everest too, lies in Nepal. Continue reading

Heritage Hotels in Jaipur

Jaipur, popularly known as the Pink City, is a land of heroic and courageous kings and gorgeous queens. Discover splendor of this city and save maximum through online flight booking. The royal city replicates a perfect blend of enriched culture, extensive heritage, palatial forts & palaces, flourishing forests and adventurous wild-life. The mere elocution of its name gives a royal sensation inside and portrays a vibrant image of its idyllic aura. A trip to Jaipur takes everyone into a world of fantasies and enchantment. Continue reading