May Weekend in London

May weekend is a great time to discover the exciting city of London which has a number of special events are held to keep visitors amused and entertained. As you would expect from a capital city, there are endless entertainment options to choose from in London, which include visiting world famous attractions, shopping and enjoying fine dining at one of the city’s excellent restaurants.  Continue reading


Traveling is a drug ..

There are many people all over the world that tend to travel on a regular basis. Methods such as ships and aircraft are the most common ways you can travel if you wish to travel through internal waters. Other than that you can travel through vehicles which are for a more domestic travel. Since the average human being is working every single day on a 9-5 basis it is very difficult for them to travel during the weekends. This is why many people tend to get vacations and Continue reading

Visit Tuscany in Spring – Tuscany Holidays

According to some weather channels, March this year was the coldest it has been for the last 50 years. After enduring such low temperatures, icy roads and snowy commutes to work, we are sure you must really be looking forward to your next holiday – hopefully somewhere warm and sunny! Continue reading